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The Fitness Guy Online is your definitive & local resource for professional services:

DNA Fitness Testing & Nutritional Programming

Personal Training

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Self Defense & More!

I look forward to meeting you, establishing your goals and creating your success plan!

Personal Training & Self Defense


PT – Online/In-Home

DNA Fitness Testing

Nutritional Planning

Self Defense/Life Preservation

Pandemic Pounds Purge


Personal Consulting & Coaching


Life Coaching

Goal Setting &  Planning

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Professional Consulting & Coaching


Business Consulting

Business Coaching

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BRAND NEW! DNA Fitness Testing & Programming

It’s NOT your fault-it’s your DNA’s!

  • Why do over 80% of people who set out to achieve a new health & fitness goal FAIL year after year??
  • More often than not it wasn’t their effort-it was the wrong program for their body!
  • Or what about the people who want to start but have no idea what to do for their body and goal?
  • Or what about age, gender & genetic specifics?
  • Solution? Find out what your DNA knows!
  • Stop guessing and wishing-start learning & winning!

The Fitness Guy is the ONLY professional trainer in WA State offering DNA Fitness Testing and Programming!

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Working hand-in-hand with top companies Trainerize and Evolution Nutrition, The Fitness Guy app has been built to provide everything you need to accomplish your goals including:

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  • Workout Plans
  • 4200+ Nutritional Plans
  • 21 Diet Categories
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 So who is The Fitness Guy??

David London-Master Trainer, Life Coach, Faith Guy, Martial Artist, Youth Coach, Athlete, Veteran, Business Consultant, Non-Profit Volunteer and Married Father of (4).

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How many times do I have to lose weight to have it finally stay off?! After my 3 kids, I had spent almost 15 years struggling with diets, supplements, doctors, counseling, internet searches for THE answer to what I needed to do. I found David online and called him directly and asked him bodly what he could do for me? He laughed and asked me what I was willing to do for myself? Confused and almost irritated, I asked him to explain what that meant. He shared that I had been searching for everyone else’s perception of what I should do/not do, be or not be versus what I wanted. Learning from David as to what EXACTLY was realistic for me personally from the start made my 2 years with David stress & disappointment free! I appreciate your straight forward and honest approach! Loving my new fitness and abilities STILL after (4) years!

Anne T.

You’re either moving or dying and in my case, it was the latter. Sadly, at 57 and a bad divorce years prior, I justfied my actions of not taking care of myself and ignored the ever increasing weight, health issues and pleas from my kids. That all changed in an instant when I had horrible back pain and went to the Urgent Care only to discover it was not my back but my kidneys due to Type II Diabetes and slew of other issues. Faced with a new reality, I scrambled to find a solution and was seriously afraid. My wife gave me a business card of a trainer she had met a health fair. She said “Call Him!” A call that day, consultation the next, a plan and 14 months later I dropped 68#’s, cut my body fat by nearly half, lowered my A1C and blood pressure to normal and was able to stop my meds. I now am able to run and play with my grandkids, not worry about having a heart attack or getting hurt. Thank you David for not only giving me my life back but also my wife her husband!

Jamie G.

David IS The Fitness Guy! Not an annoying cheerleader type jumpin’ up & down high-fiving every 5 minutes but not a Drill Instructor either. (Even though he was a Marine!) His straight to the point approach, high-level knowledge and willingness to listen to our feedback got both my husband and I to lose over 40#’s each in 6 months. We look and feel better, have more energy and enjoy trying new things. Appreciate the patience and complete support David!

Craig & Cyndy M.

What's Your Starting Point?

Just like using GPS to find the easiest & fastest way to arrive at a new location, achieving fitness goals is the exact same way. Your goal needs a starting point in order for the proper plan to be created…use my calculator below to find out.

See the charts below for your body fat classification, then click on your body fat range to take action on your goal!

Have questions for TFG?

I always enjoy meeting new people!

Would you like a virtual ‘face to face’ consultation and/or Q & A session? I offer complimentary (15) minute sessions so you can ask any questions you may have about the training process, description of services, realistic goal setting and more.