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Professional Training Experience Matters

Former US Marine & Personal Trainer in Lacey whose professional training experience spans nearly (3) decades throughout the US, TFG knows virtually all the angles. Surpassing 100,000 floor hours as a trainer, 30+ certifications and some 5000+ clients, TFG has developed thousands of successful plans by keeping it simple. Your safety and success rely far more on the ability of your trainer than their physique, personality or price.  Education & experience allows TFG to train ANYONE, any age, regardless of their limitations or goals in a safe, effective, efficient and empowering manner! Improving your health, wellness & quality of life is the primary motivator behind hiring a personal trainer-choose wisely. 


Serious about your Success

Are you serious about your results?? TFG is!  Anyone can work you out, make you sweat and say they're committed to your goals-are they demonstrating that by providing ALL the tools necessary to achieve those goals? Have you achieved your goals yet? Being a Professional Trainer is to accept the responsibility for your client's health, goals and of course, safety. IF you have a current trainer and have never had weights, measurements, full body composition testing as well as a baseline fitness & functional mobility testing AND reevaluations every month then how do you know its' working? What are you really paying for?? All investments need returns. Quantifying your starting point is more important than the path...small, consistent successes lead up to large successes versus typical frustration & disappointment. TFG establishes your new relationship with facts, realistic expectations & goals. Combined with a complete health, exercise & nutritional history, a complete functional movement screen/mini-workout and goal clarification, TFG will design an age and gender specific plan. You will Succeed! 


Start Movin' & Enjoy the Journey

ANY movement is better than no movement. Life, and your fitness goals, should never feel like "Pass or Fail." Too often trainers/online programs design plans based on assumptions that are not realistic in addition to "Flow-Chart Fitness" (same goal/#'s for everyone) which ensures high probability of failure and more weeks & months of wasted quality time. Your goals and the needs of your life are as individual as you are so your program should reflect that. Knowing what to expect and when to expect results as well as understanding the process from Day 1 ensures not only will you stay on the path but also enjoy the walk.


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"You're either moving or dieing and in my case, it was the latter. Sadly, at 53, I had allowed myself to justify my weight, my not exercising and ignoring the signs of being very unhealthy. That all changed when I had back pain and went to the doctor only to discover it was not my back but my kidneys due to Type II diabetes and slew of other issues. Faced with a new reality, I scrambled to find a solution and my wife gave a business card for a trainer she met at a local health fair. A call, a consultation, a plan and 14 months later I have dropped 68#'s, have normal A1c, blood pressure, said goodbye to Diabetes and living life as I did in college! Thank you David for giving my wife her husband back!" Jamie H. 

"How many times do I have to lose weight for it finally stay off??  After my 3 kids, I have spent almost 15 years struggling with diets, supplements, doctors, counseling , internet searches for THE plan guaranteed to work. I found David online and called him directly and asked what he could do for me. He laughed and asked me what was I willing to do for myself? Confused at first until we met then it occured to me I had been searching for everyone's idea of who and what I should be versus what I wanted for myself. Learning EXACTLY what was realistic for me personally from the start made my time with David stress & disappointment free! I appreciate your straight forward & honest approach! Loving my new fitness and abilities!" Anne T. 

"David IS The Fitness Guy! Not an annoying cheerleader type jumping up & down but not a Drill Instructor either. Straight to the point training got both my husband & I to lose over 40#'s each in 6 months. We look & feel better, have more energy and enjoy trying new things. Appreciate the patience and complete suppport David!"  Craig & Julie A.

*Results vary for all clients.

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Want your own personal results room? Convert your garage into the ultimate multi-use room that requires no gym membership, is kid and pet friendly and safe!  

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