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DNA Program

Have you ever asked yourself:
What about my age, gender, eating habits, and/or genetic specifics, etc?

Stop guessing and wishing
— Find out what your DNA knows —
Start learning & winning!

Professional Coaching

Life Coaching
Nutritional Planning
Goal Setting & Planning
Self Defense/Life Preservation
Fitness Center Rebranding/Studio Buildout
Business Consulting & Coaching
Equipment Overview & Ordering
Garage or Room Conversions
PT Department Restructure

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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What Is DNA Coaching?

It’s a DNA-based solution engineered for a person’s unique genetic makeup, providing health, weight and performance management strategies tailored to your specific genotype. Without this test, we’re all blindly limited to trial and error to find the optimal diet and exercise plan. Most people give up before finding it; the ISSA Genetic Test takes the guesswork out to provide the best and most personalized solutions for you – based on your DNA.


This test examines 36 unique traits for your genetic predisposition in areas such as weight loss ability, macronutrient and micronutrient utilization, exercise and training responses, mental and physical foundation, and recovery and injury risk. Your professional is a Certified Genetic-Based Program Designer, so they can interpret your results and tailor your program specifically to you.

Who Is Coaching For?

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What Is The Process Like?

First, we send you a DNA Test Kit with instructions.

Then, after waiting 2-3 weeks you’re emailed back Your Results (~91 Page Genetic Profile with Scientific Data)

Finally, a (60) min Live Video Consultation will be scheduled to Review & Explain Your DNA Results!!

1. Purchase A DNA Kit

Your certified professional will provide a DNA collection kit, consisting of a simple cheek swab. Return it in the prepaid package, and the lab will perform a complete scientific analysis of your unique genotype.

2. Send In Your DNA Kit
3. Wait 2-3 Weeks For Your Results

You’ll receive a copy of your individual report and, by working together, know exactly what to do based on your DNA makeup.

4. Schedule A (60) min Live Video Consultation
5. Review & Explain Your DNA Results!!

Once your trainer or nutritionist receives your report, they’ll show you and explain how your body is impacted by what you eat and how you exercise. This will allow them to tailor a plan with recommendations for a food plan and exact guidelines for a workout program. 

About Me

I’m David London – Master Trainer, Life Coach, Youth Coach, Martial Artist, Athlete, Veteran, Business Consultant, Non-Profit Volunteer, Faith Guy & Married Father of (4).


What We Do/What I Can Help You With!
At The Fitness Guy Online, We Focus on You!!

Based on 30+ years of professional experience; We offer you knowledge & support in your journey. We listen, adapt, & deliver effective training sessions, fully dedicated to your needs and level of enjoyment.

We build a great relationship with you,
by Tailoring Each Session To Your DNA!


“How many times do I have to lose weight to have it finally stay off?? After my 3 kids, I had spent almost 15 years struggling with diets, supplements, doctors, counseling, internet searches for THE answer to what I needed to do.

I found David online and called him directly to boldly ask what he could do for me?

He laughed and asked me what I was willing to do for myself?

Confused and almost irritated, I asked him to explain what that meant:

He shared that I had been searching for everyone else’s perception of what I should do/not do, be or not be versus what I wanted.

Learning from David as to what EXACTLY was realistic for me personally, from the start, made my 2 years with David, stress & disappointment-free!

I appreciate your straightforward and honest approach and am Loving my new fitness abilities!

STILL after (4) years!”

– Anne T.

“You’re either moving or dying and in my case, it was the latter. Sadly, at 57 and a bad divorce years prior, I justified my actions of not taking care of myself and ignored the ever increasing weight, health issues and pleas from my kids.

That all changed in an instant when I had horrible back pain and went to the Urgent Care only to discover it was not my back but my kidneys due to Type II Diabetes and a slew of other issues. Faced with a new reality, I scrambled to find a solution and was seriously afraid. My wife gave me a business card of a trainer she had met at a health fair.

She said, “Call Him!”

A Call that day,
A Consultation the next,
A plan and 14 months later
I dropped 68#’s, cut my body fat by nearly half, lowered my A1C and blood pressure to normal, and was able to stop my meds!!

I now am able to run and play with my grandkids, not worry about having a heart attack or getting hurt. Thank you David for not only giving me my life back but also my wife her husband!”

– Jamie G.

David IS The Fitness Guy!

He’s NOT an annoying cheerleader type jumpin’ up & down high-fiving every 5 minutes but also NOT a Drill Instructor either.

(Even though he was a Marine!) His straight to the point, approaches things with a high-level of knowledge and willingness to listen to our feedback. He got both my husband and I to lose over 40#’s each in 6 months.

We look and feel better, have more energy and enjoy trying new things. We appreciate the patience and complete support David!

Craig & Cyndy M.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.
Start Forging Your Own Path Today!