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Meet David...

Painful Beginnings....

Thursday October 12th, 1989, 6:32pm at MCAS(Marine Corps Air Station) Iwakuni, Japan football field...I'm sure you know where this is going.  While awaiting deployment to Operation Desert Storm with the 3rd FSSG the upcoming year, David played Flag Football for the base Engineering Team. An aggressive game, youth & attitudes abound, unsanctioned hits resulted in David  receiving one of the worst knee injuries possible-Grade III tear of the ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL  as well as meniscal tears. 

Over the next 7-days David was shipped from base to base, hospital to hospital, some civilian & some military via helicopters, Air Force Medi-Vacs, ambulances, basic ground transportation throughout Japan to determine the significance of his injury as well as best possible solution.  Concluding a multitudes of tests, x-rays and MRI's, the chief medical personnel arrived at their final consensus-either amputate the Left leg just above the knee or "try" and repair it.  Faced with not only a career ending injury but also that of a strong possibility of losing his leg at the age of only 19, David was  devastated, petrified and uncertain as to what life had he had ahead of him.

Surviving a near-9 hour surgery that borrowed donor tissues, implanted plastics, took from his own quad and hamstring as well as cutting his tibia head off and anchoring his ligaments inside and securing those anchors with steel staples, David's leg was entirely rebuilt. Now comes learning how to walk again...

Grueling months of intense physical therapy for hours a day, falling down stairs, breaking his wrist, wheel chairs, crutches, bleed outs due to staples/surgical site ripping open due to the pressure, nerve damage and an unbelievable amount of pain, nightmares and the loss of over 50#'s from inability to eat from heavy meds & atrophy. Despite the odds and frail body, David was passionately  driven by the desire to prove anyone & everyone wrong who said he would "never" walk again, and if he did, would have a cane for the rest of his life not to mention a horrible limp.

Since his main career was over and he could barely walk, he spent his days at the base gym working out/doing physical therapy and helping others with their disabilities and injuries. Accepting an essentially non-paying position as a "Floor Instructor," David's career as a Personal Trainer was born on December 28th, 1989. Despite his best efforts, eight months later his knee graft came loose and he was reduced to braces & crutches again and of course, more surgery. 

The Marines are an amazing group of soldiers however David could no longer fulfill his original commitment of a Combat Soldier so he was medically retired. Thus began the civilian sector of being a personal trainer beginning at Pac West/Bally's in December of 1990 and he has yet to stop helping others overcome their obstacles and achieving their life dreams both in the health  fitness world as well as outside  of it through Life Coaching. 

Career Highlights

  • 100,000+ Professional Training Floor Hours
  • 75,000+ Member/Client Workouts
  • 5000+ PT Clients
  • 30+ Certifications 
  • Eliminated over 57,000#'s of Fat
  • Avg. Client Fat Loss-27.4#'s 
  • # of Clients  w/ 100#+ Weight Loss-70
  • Most Successful Client Loss-210#'s
  • (30) Races/Competitions since 2015
  • Multi-Gym Owner & Partner
  • Surpassed $100 Million in Total Fitness Sales
  • Over $1 Million Personal Investment in the Health & Fitness Industry


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Life & Personal Training Philosophies

  • "If (its) worth thinking about as a possibility for yourself then (it) is worth pursuing." 
  • "The question for me is WHAT are you willing to do for what you want?"
  • "If we are our own worst enemy then why do we feed 'them?' Why not let 'them' starve from lack of negative energy?"
  • "True leadership is being able to Lead From the Front and NOT looking over your shoulder to see whose following you."
  • "Food is merely fuel for the upcoming activity and replenishment for yesterdays activities, it has no emotion, no understanding nor intention...it is you who attaches meaning to food-so choose your attachments  wisely."
  • "It is said the the body manifests what the mind harbors so my question is what are you thinking?"
  • "Do not  forgo pursuing your life, goals & fulfillment for those around you who are unwilling to pursue theirs."  (Part I)
  • "I am unwilling to not pursue my goals and the life I want for myself due to those around me unwilling to pursue their goals and fulfillment." (Part II) 

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Professional Affiliations

ORW-Operation Restored Warrior

West Coast FOB Leader

(13) States

WA, OR, CA, ID, MT, UT, NV, AZ, ND, SD, WY, AK, HI  

WW-Wounded Warrior

Health & Fitness Consultant, Instructor & Presenter

TFW-The Fittest Warrior

Satellite Facility Owner/Partner

Master Instructor

DSS/DeMile Self Defense Systems

Authorized DSS Facility

Professional & Personal Security Plans

Senior Instructor


Authorized MyZone Facility

Authorized Retailer


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IDEA Accredited

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