It Takes All of Us...

Generating income from "Servicing" others is truly a wonderful feeling & blessing. However that feeling is amplified with the act of "Paying it Forward" to those who ask for nothing yet are in dire need.

Do you make an Impact or are you Impactful?

What's your "Life Impact?" Give more than you take? 

The need of the ONE is shadowed by the need of the MANY.

With EVERY Service TFG sells, you have a choice-Receive  a (5%) discount based on your applicable affiliation OR ask TFG to Donate (10%) to one of the charitable organizations listed. Beginning with Charities in Lacey & Olympia. 

charity list

Operation Restored Warrior


Disabled American Veterans


NW Children's Foundation


Ctr. for Children w/ Special Needs

Sunbreak Ministries

Law Enforcement

Fire Fighters


Juvenile Diabetes

Domestic Violence