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Custom 7-Day Meal Plan (Single)


60min Video Consultation to clarify goals, timeframe, and nutrition plan necessary to achieve your goal. 

7-Day, 6 meal per day plan with full shopping list, recipes as well as exchanges.

  • 60min Video Consultation;  
  • 7-Day, 6 meal per day plan with full shopping list, recipes as well as exchanges;   
  • Completely digital & sent directly to your phone in addition to print out if requested.  
  • Meal plan is specifically tailored to your individual needs, preferences, allergies, budget & more;  
  • Fuel your Goals with the RIGHT Nutrition Plan from the start! Food is the Fuel for Success, not pills, powders, starving or games-learn how to fuel your life for longevity, not just a few pounds! Utilizing Evolution Nutrition which combines some of the best technology, information, food data bases and software on the market, you can now meet with a Master Trainer and design the EXACT food plan you need to finally hit your goals! Whether your goals are Weight Loss, Boost Immune System, Dropping body Fat, Muscle Gain, Getting Lean/Tone, Reducing Inflammation & Pain, Increasing Sports Performance or just wanting to learn how to eat healthier for yourself and your family, The Fitness Guy & Evolution Nutrition will provide the recipe! By understanding how you need to eat, you can now easily budget your shopping to maximize your life in other areas! Incredibly important for families!