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DeMile Self Defense Systems/Life Preservation Training (1 Month)


1 Month Personal Safety Plan

  • Personal Training meets Self Defense! VERY UNIQUE APPROACH!  
  • (4)-90 Min One-on-One Personalized Instruction;  
  • Full body Composition Analysis & PAR-Q, Basic Mobility/Functionality Assessment; 
  • Goal Clarification;  
  • Custom Programming & Instruction; 
  • Learn how to respond to: Verbal Confrontation, Physical Confrontation, Strangers, Hand Gun, Knife, Bats/Bars, Car Jacking, Home Invasion, Child Abduction, Shootings, Being Followed, Aggressive Solicitors & many more scenarios. Are you prepared to appropriately respond to the world when it confronts you unexpectedly? Do your kids know? What's your safety plan in ANY type of emergency? Time to Preserve the Gift of Life!  
  • DSS-Founded by Sijo James DeMile, one of Bruce Lee’s original students. DSS is a modern self-defense system based on the science of Bruce Lee’s combative principles for trapping, speed, and striking power combined with effective fighting applications of Wing Chun Do, Jiu-Jitsu, US and Israeli Military Combatives joined with leading fitness concepts for developing a leaner, stronger, functional body while building more confidence.