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This is an (8-12) Hour ON-SITE Consultation

  • This is an (8-12) Hour ON-SITE Consultation;  
  • Complete review of PT Systems, Management, Sales, Staff, Current Systems in Place, CRM, Software, Presentation SOP, Annual Budget, Plan & (36-60) Month Trend, Member Attrition, Daily Workouts, NMU/Tour to PT Appt Conversion, Total Members to PT %, POS PT, Resign Rate, Client Tenure, Trainer Attrition & more!  
  • Bottom line, how is your PT Department functioning?  
    • Rocking and is a high profit revenue stream? 
    • Covering its own expenses? 
    • Is barely hanging on? 
    • Non-existent? 

$$-Most PT Departments see an immediate increase in POS PT, Upgrades & New PT from existing mbshp post consultation. Simplifying the process by focusing on consultative processes based of composition & goal setting NOT sales followed by definitive plans to offer prospective new client. EFT & Cash Sales will increase typically no less than 20% first (30) days!