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Private PT Studio Buildout Consultation-Personal or Commercial


3 Hour Professional Consultation & Planning

  • (3) Hour Minimum; $275 per (3) Hour Block;  
  • Includes ONLINE or IN-PERSON consultation, research of plans/needs and full report; 
  • I can help design any space on any budget. Ready to build your own personal training/workout studio? Are you thinking of your home, office or commercial space? Knowing all the specific details for personal to professional is crucial to the enjoyment and success of your new place.  
  • Detailed report covers many of the items listed below:
  • For Example: BUDGET is vital to establishing prior to beginning!!!! 
  • Square Foot working with/needed; Garage, Warehouse, Retail Space; 
  • Type of studio/facility desired;  
  • Type of equipment desired-functional, traditional, cardio machines, weights, etc.; 
  • Technology; Infrastructure;  
  • Private or Open to Public;  
  • Insurances, Licenses, Tenant Laws & TI's;  
  • Sound/Acoustics; Flooring; 
  • Actual build out: electrical, plumbing, networking, lighting, heating/cooling;  
  • Open space or compartmentalized;  
  • Colors; Leases, Landlords, Liability;  
  • Name, Logos, Colors, Mission Statement, Intent; Funding; Marketing; Staffing; Services; Business Plans; 
  • Equipment Costs & where to get equipment; New or Used; Best equipment to get; Commercial grade or residential grade; 
  • Maintenance/Repair Costs; POS Software, Check In, Key Fobs, Thumbprint/PIN #, Club Management Software; 
  • Classes; Private Training; Employee vs 1099; Web, Social Media, Apps; Payment Processing; Hours; 
  • Location: Parking; Child Watch; Franchise or Individual; Buffet Build or Specialty; Uniforms, Janitorial; 
  • Corporate Accounts/Credit; Associations-BBB, Chamber, IDEA, IHRSA; 
  • Trainers Accreditation-NASM, ACSM, ACE, NSCA; You get the point?? There is SO much in just 'building' your own studio!  
  • However, if you're just putting a few things in your garage, then maximize your budget, get what you want at a fraction of retail, learn how to install it & more. **For In-Home, fee INCLUDES labor.